Our export trade partnership extends beyond
    to include our relationships with governments,
    customers, communities and suppliers.
    We partner with like-minded organizations, to
    ensure we turn our client’s
    aspiration into tangible results.
    We believe in partnerships.
    We have set ourselves some very challenging
    targets but given the commitment
    of our people and the spirit of
    innovation that is evident throughout the company,
    we are confident that the next
    few years will see us emerging
    as the new face of leadership
    in the core areas of our businesses
    We are committed to taking a lead role
    in the introduction of new products
    from the West African Market to the rest of the world
    through our export consulting, training and Market Entry Support Services

HCI Communications Ltd is an Export Consulting Company


We provide Market Entry Support Services for companies and individuals who wish to play in the international export trade
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Export Masterclass

Participating in our monthly export seminar is definitely the first step in your journey to export trade
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Welcome To HCI

HCI Communications Ltd is an export consulting company duly registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. The company is currently involved in international trade and exports of commodities from West Africa to the world.

Due to our wealth of experience in export trade we also organize trainings and Masterclass for companies and individuals interested in Export trade Start-up

Our EXPORT CONSULTANCY is focused on providing Market Entry Support Services for companies who have products to export. Literally, we can take your products through the distributive market channels to the final consumer across border.